​​3rd Degree Senior Alex Wynn

 Grand Master Tim Leirer has been internationally certified to teach martial arts and self-defense through several National and International organizations since 1985 and currently holds the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt.

Grand Master Tim Leirer

4th Degree Decided Dustin Wynn

1st Degree Senior Ethan Plank

Chief Instructor

1st Degree Senior Karliegh Plank

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3rd Degree Decided Sydney Spanyer

3rd Degree Senior Joshua Wynn

Business and Pro Shop Manager

Senior 3rd Degree Barbara Leirer

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1st Degree Senior Cristian Griffin

Tim and Barbara Leirer started TaeKwonDo lessons with a group of friends from work in 1983.  We feel fortunate to experience many Martial Arts successes including building life long relationships with students, their families and fellow Martial Arts school owners and professionals.  

Mr. and Mrs. Leirer married in August of 1981 and are proud of their two grown sons and many TaeKwonDo Family members past and present.  Our Pell City, Alabama location opened in July 1995 and has grown and expanded in the original location.    

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2nd Degree Alora White