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Many people try martial arts for a number of reasons including looking for a fun family activity, self-confidence, discipline, physical fitness, self-defense and even the thrill of competition.  No matter what the reason our staff is dedicated to providing a well rounded, safe and highly effective program filled with success.  Grand Master Tim Leirer has been internationally certified to teach martial arts and self-defense through several National and International organizations since 1985 and currently holds the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt which is titled Grand Master.  Pell City TaeKwonDo is independently owned and operated 4800 sq foot Martial Arts facility specializing in the Korean Art of TaeKwonDo using the Chang Hon patterns.  We believe very strongly in American Family values as well as the value provided through the study and spirit of the Ancient Art of TaeKwonDo.   Pell City TaeKwonDo is a TaeKwonDo United member school participating in tournament competition, camps and seminars with highly motivated and talented Martial Artists across the country.  

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Pell City TaeKwonDo is the leading provider of martial arts instruction in Pell City and the St. Clair County area since July 1995. 

Children's Classes
Our children's curriculum is specifically designed to improve self-confidence, attention to detail, physical conditioning and respect for themselves and others.

Adult Classes
Adult classes relieve stress, improve flexibility, build mental and physical conditioning all while learning valuable self-defense skills.